Lifegroups are small groups that meet in various locations on Wednesday nights at 6 pm. Lifegroups are for anyone in the High School (9th-12th grades) who would like to have a more in-depth Bible study and time with other students and an adult leader to talk about life. 

Lifegroups are on break for the summer, but they'll be back in August 2018 for the new semester! Check out Ultimate Tuesdays this summer, for info CLICK HERE.


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Q: Do students have to sign up to be in a group?

A: No! They just show up, and their leader will get some info from them the first time they attend so they can follow up with them.

Q: Can you bring friends to life group?

  A: Absolutely! They are open to everyone, and we'd love for anyone interested to come and be a part of life groups!

Q: Do they provide dinner?

A: Dinner is not provided, but most houses do provide some kind of snack. Check with your house when you arrive to see what they will be doing. If any parents would like to provide snacks, it's always greatly appreciated!


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