We base our programming on the foundation of a common faith in Jesus Christ, teaching 7 principles that are fundamental to the HSM.tv


  • Authentic Faith- Focuses on a correct understanding of faith. True faith is confidence that God is who he says He is -- Confidence that He will do everything He has promised to do.
  • Spiritual Discipline - Focuses on developing a healthy devotional life.
  • Moral Boundaries -  Focuses on teaching teenagers to establish clear moral limits
  • Healthy Friendships -  Focuses on helping students build healthy friendships while avoiding healthy ones.
  • Wise Choices -  focuses on the necessity of applying godly wisdom to the choices we make.
  • Ultimate Authority - focuses on our need to recognize God's ultimate authority and respect the earthly authorities He has placed over us.
  • Others First - focuses on the true nature of humility and service.